Saturday, May 28, 2011

38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

So, some very very exciting news came this week! bel monili by l.marlane was invited to be included in the giveaway bags at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards! What does this mean? Well, looks like a SERIOUS amount of work including lots of fabric, pins, buttons, and glue! 1,000 flower pins in all will be shipped out for inclusion in the goodie bags at the event in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2011. I'll be posting updates on my Facebook site frequently!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Shows!!!

So, spring is here and Mother Nature has finally decided that she's going to share some sun. After you've pulled your weeds, mowed your lawn, and spent quality porch-sitting tome, what ever will you do?

If you are a Pittsburgher (or will be visiting one), you are in luck. This spring and summer the 'Burgh is booming with local talent, and on almost any given weekend you can find an event to stroll, shop, and generally bask in the sun while supporting the local economy.

The fabulous organizers of The I Made It! Market are gathering up some of the area's best artists and bringing them to you with fun events including A Taste of Oakland on May 14, Chili With The Works at South Side Works on May 21, Carnegie Library on June 12, WYEP Summer Music Festival on June 24, and South Side Works Exposed July 15-17.