Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Fashion Trend: Feathers!

Sit down, strap in, and get ready to take flight! Fall 2011 fall has brought lots of new trends, including... feathers! They are showing up everywhere; in hair, on bags, and (new from bel monili) on hot little necklaces. These adorable little accessories feature wire-wrapped feathers and tiny, fall-inspired charms including acorns, tiny birds, owls, and jewels. For only $25, you can add one of these gorgeous pieces to your fall fashion wardrobe and update even your most basic tee. Visit bel monili on facebook and check out the "Feather Necklaces" photo album to see which ones are available!
feather necklace, $25 from bel monili by l.marlane

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rocketing into the future...

Well, friends, I am making a solid attempt to move bel monili into the social media spotlight by launching my newsletter and reviving my blog!

Fall is upon us, meaning that (yikes!) the holiday season is not too far behind. Soon the hustle and bustle of the season will be in full force, and you will find yourself yet again searching for that perfect gift for everyone on your "good" list. What to do, though, when the list is long but money is short? Where in the world will you find that perfect combination of sentimental, stylish, personal, and affordable?

The answer...bel monili by l.marlane! You will find bel monili all over the city between now and the end of December, allowing for many opportunities to pick up that perfect something for your special someone(s). With prices ranging from $2-$40, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list while at the same time supporting the local economy.

Not a grab-and-go kinda person? bel monili by l.marlane specializes in custom orders! Raid your closets and Aunt Gertrude's jewelry box for a mismatched earring, a special (but a little too quirky) brooch, or a broken string of beads and bring them on over to bel monili for some magic. You will end up with something stylish and special that will be treasured for years to come.

Email bel monili by l.marlane for more information!