Monday, October 17, 2011

Want to Occupy Wall Street? Buy Local!

bel monili by l.marlane items, beautifully displayed and photographed by Kathleen Stevans of Pure Hokum

The cat's out of the bag: our nation is in a financial crisis, and people are being affected at every level of life. Unemployment is high, pay is low, and the future seems uncertain. With all of that cheerful news, you surely must be excited about the upcoming holiday season!

Now more than ever, DIY-ers, small business owners, crafters, artists, and entrepreneurs need to join forces and support each other. Why buy local? Well, to state it simply, spending money in your neighborhood means that (gasp!) the money STAYS in your neighborhood! It's a fantastic concept that dates back to the dawn of time. Think of it this way: I buy apples from the local farmer's market. The farmer who grew the apples takes his apple money and buys bread from the local bakery. The baker who baked the bread takes her bread money and buys a necklace from a local crafter. The local crafter who made the necklace takes the money and buys a handcrafted birthday card from a local artist. The local artist who painted the card takes the money and buys apples from a local farmer's market...and the circle is complete. YES! It's just that easy.

How can you help? Look around in your community; you will be amazed at all of the local talent out there. The I Made It! Market is a local nomadic indie crafts market that pops up all over the Pittsburgh area. On December 2 & 3, over 80 LOCAL artists will be popping into Bakery Square for I Made It! For the Holidays! Need something sooner? There are many local shops that carry items made locally, including (but certainly not limited to!): Spoiled Chics in Sewickley, Flirt! Boutique in Monroeville, Koolkat Designs in Mt. Lebanon, and Voila! Interior Style in McMurray. Want something special and customized? Pure Hokum offers gorgeous, hand-painted designs that are nothing short of amazing.

This holiday season, spend locally, give locally, and help to do your part to support your local economy. You'll look good, feel good, and learn a lot along the way!

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