Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18: Greta Falvo, SOYIL

You know, when I am writing these blogs and taking stock of who I know and how I know them, I have been continually surprised at the facts. Greta Falvo of SOYIL is an excellent example.

I met Greta while I was an undergraduate student at Duquesne University. She and I had some friends in common, and after graduation, we each went our own way and lived out happy little lives. I would see her from time to time when a mutual friend of ours would visit or have an event, but Greta lived out of town and I was back in graduate school.
SOYIL hand-poured soy candles
In September 2011, I went to an event in Sewickley to support my friends at Spoiled Chics the Boutique. The event was a street fair of sorts, focused on pets and pet products. As I walked up the street, I kept noticing a surprisingly fantastic smell. It was noticeable because it was so pleasant, and also so unexpected for an event centered around animals. As I strolled past the booths, I spotted a tent with beautiful candles and a clean, fresh display and made my way over. I was so enthralled by the scent that I hadn't taken the time to look at the person behind the was Greta! We chatted for awhile, caught up on life and business, and then exchanged information so that we could be sure to keep in touch. I walked away with a gorgeous new candle, happy to have reconnected with an old friend.

Today, Greta and I play "Facebook tag" and share ideas and questions about being small business entrepreneurs. I enjoy following her many successes, and my only complaint is that I cannot seem to catch up with her long enough to snag another one of those candles!
SOYIL collection
Greta first fell in love with soy candles a few years ago and has been hooked ever since! There are many benefits of burning soy candles but overall it’s just a nicer, cleaner burn, and soy candles do not release toxins in the air that have been known to kill small animals in the household! Soy candles last longer than paraffin candles. Soy wax is made from soy beans so it helps support our local US farmers, which is another awesome reason to use Soyil candles. Unlike paraffin, soy is a biodegradable resource. Soy is also much easier to clean and has far less black soot than a paraffin candle. Soy is simply better for you, your family and your environment. 

Greta started hand making candles for fun and as a hobby, then all of a sudden she had this huge demand for her Almond and Cozy Home (my personal favorite) scents that it eventually became a business! She wasn’t really sure where she was going with it and is still not completely sure as she loves to get creative! See how/what Greta can create that is completely brand new and exciting in the candle word. After seeing all of the ugly jars and labels out there, Greta knew exactly how she envisioned her product and SOYIL brand---Clean, Eco-friendly, affordable and fabulous! She wanted to create a simple, chic and style friendly candle that would look fabulous in any d├ęcor. There are so many candles out there that you buy at the store to bring home and burn and it has no smell. Greta tests each and every one of her scents to make sure they are strong and true to scent. If one is a dud or doesn’t get great feedback, she removes it from her collection.There are a ton of candles out there, but finding a quality candle like a SOYIL candle is unusual. Besides dull scent, most of the candles out there are covered in tacky labeling and unflattering jars, so Greta wanted to make a stylish, soy candle that was actually affordable. 
Custom created SOYIL favors
You can purchase SOYIL candles in a variety of sizes, shapes, and scents at these fine locations:
Alexa’s Salon Off Grandview
Gifted Hands
Jacqueline’s Salon

Custom order SOYIL candles for showers, weddings, or other special occasions. Follow SOYIL on Twitter and "like" them on Facebook to keep up with new products, events, and exciting opportunities!

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