Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2: Green Bubble Gorgeous

Green Bubble Gorgeous Pink Grapefruit Solid Sugar Scrub
Anyone who knows Krystal Doring of Green Bubble Gorgeous will tell you the same thing: it's love at first sight. Product, packaging, and personality, this girl has got it all!!!

Krystal is a self-described "chef gone soap crazy". She says that growing up on a big family farm has always taught her that most often smaller batch homemade products are probably the finest in life. Much better than store bought, commercially processed,preservative and chemical filled. Being a Green Chef of the natural and organic food scene, Krystal is always looking for new routes of creativeness for my natural life style. She realized what harsh chemicals and additives are in all the beauty products we all like and thought, "I can make it better for you, me and the environment and be creative at the same time."

I first met Krystal at an I Made It! Market event called I Made It! Memorable in April 2011. I was lucky enough to be set up next to her, meaning that for the duration of the show I stared longingly at the beautiful hot pink and green decor, smelled the delicious natural scents (mmm...lavender, coconut, verbena...), and sampled as much of the amazing organic goodness as I could. That day, I left with a bag of pretty little Easter soaps and, shortly thereafter, called in an order for more. That's the thing about Green Bubble Gorgeous...if you think you are going to get away without purchasing anything, you are dead wrong. One whiff of the bath salts, swipe of the lip butter, or feel of the massage bar and you are hooked. I mean, can't get it out of your mind, website stalking, haunted in your sleep HOOKED. One look in my purse, my car, my desk, or my vanity will tell you that I can attest to this...

These days, I am so happy to say that I can call Krystal a dear friend. I am inspired by her personality, her drive, and her ability to take her incredible talents and channel them into something she truly loves. Green Bubble Gorgeous offers a line of fine, handmade, organic bath and body products that are unparalleled in quality, and once you try it, you'll be sure to go back time and time again.

Make sure you visit Krystal of Green Bubble Gorgeous on Etsy and Facebook to keep up on her goings-on. Lucky ducks in the Pittsburgh (and sometimes Ohio) area can see Green Bubble Gorgeous in person, but don't worry out-of-towners, you can always make purchases online!

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  1. Krystal is the best !! so how could her business not be the best too !! WE LOVE HER !


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