Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24: David & Leigh-Anne Weiss, Airheads Balloon Art

Dear friends, you have NO IDEA what a balloon could do until you've seen the amazing handiwork of David Weiss and the talented twisters at Airheads Balloon Art.  I have had the fantastic joy of knowing David and Leigh-Anne (featured earlier this month, Leigh-Anne Weiss, Madison Handbags) since I was in high school a hundred years ago (ok...it was ~1998).  David is an amazingly talented artist, a savvy businessman, a fantastic husband and father, and an all around awesome guy. Check his date book and you're sure to find exciting events, time with his kids, or some wonderful surprise he's planning for Leigh-Anne. David and the Airheads team are experts in their field of fun, joy, and truly awesome event decor.

The Weiss Family (at their fabulous Spy Kids themed party)
So, you might wonder what you could need balloons for other than a birthday party. My friends, while I do have my way with words, this is something that can truly only be conveyed accurately with pictures. Here are some of the most amazing works of balloon art I have ever seen:
Alice in Wonderland: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

The Grinch
ok...love this but I am admittedly terrified of clowns

Leigh-Anne with a "balloon monster"....how does he DO that?
Yup, that's a balloon bikini and chopper, featuring David Weiss (resident balloon badass)
balloon Stillers!
Airheads Balloon Art was founded in 1999 by David Weiss and a fellow balloon artist. At the time Mr. Weiss had over 10 years of experience in balloon sculpture and was the former owner of A&D Party Performers, a costumed-entertainment company. His colleague was an award-winning balloon artist and professional clown. They decided to combine their artistic and entrepreneurial talents to form Airheads Balloon Art!

In 2002, after his partner chose to pursue another career, Mr. Weiss enlisted the help of his multi-talented wife, Leigh-Anne, and excelled the growth of Airheads Balloon Art by purchasing Balloons Over Pittsburgh ( Pittsburgh’s 1st and oldest balloon company).

Committed to excellence, Mr. Weiss is a Certified Balloon Artist achieving the most respected certification in the balloon industry and has served as President of the Western PA Qualatex Balloon Network. As a charter member of BalloonPlanet.com, Airheads Balloon Art has moved beyond the Pittsburgh region as a part of a global network of balloon professionals, providing decorating and balloon delivery services worldwide.

The next time you or your business is having an event, make sure you keep Airheads on the top of your list to create a uniquely special atmosphere. Check them out online, "like" them on Facebook, subscribe on YouTube, and follow them on Twitter to find out where they'll be twisting next!

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  1. I can't believe what these people can do with balloons! So much fun. Great feature!


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