Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26: Propelle

If there's one thing I know, it's that us girls have to stick together! I am fortunate to have many wonderful people (male and female) in my life, but it's the strong women who have really been the backbone and inspiration to me and my business.

Carrie, Emily, & Kate of Propelle
Imagine three of the most inspiring, intelligent, cool, artistic people you know come together to form an organization to help other women succeed in business...and that's Propelle. They often fantasized about having mentors, women who had blazed a trail ahead of them and could share their secrets.
Launch Party, October 11, 2011

That’s what Propelle was created to do. To let you in on those secrets. To help you look fear in the face and use it to your advantage. To help you tap into your passions so you can launch your business into the next stratosphere. To find your voice. To connect with your target market. To be the most successful woman entrepreneur you can possibly be.

Networking Happy Hour
Carrie (I Made It! Market & Carrie Nardini Creative) is a communicator, connector, organizer, and all around swell chick. She's also crafty to the core.  Emily (Emily Levenson, Health Coach) is a coach, confidante, creator, and collaborator. She also loves to cook healthy meals. Kate (Yinzpiration) is a massage therapist, digital strategist and blogger. She's inspired by everyone she meets.

Propelle  offers services to women entrepreneurs of all levels; whether you are brand new to the busines world or you are looking to move to the next level, Propelle will be the (literal) wind beneath your wings. Make sure you visit them online, follow them on Twitter, sign up to receive their emails, and "like" then on Facebook so that you know when the next Propelle flight is taking off!


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