Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7: Paula Nettleship, designs2c

I had the opportunity to meet Paula Nettleship of designs2c this past summer, when I was starting the "hunt" for fall shows. I had seen Paula and her gorgeous work online, and shortly thereafter I saw that she was the point of contact for a local holiday show that I was interested in. I called the phone number listed with the show, and to my good fortune Paula was the person on the other line. Mind you, we had never met and she had never even heard of me, but that day Paula took the time to chat with me not only about the show I had found her through, but also about other shows she had done and other business opportunities. After I hung up the phone, I put circles and stars next to her name because I couldn't believe how incredibly kind and helpful she had been to me (...a total stranger). Over the next couple of months, Paula and I corresponded about business, met at an event in the city, and shared information about business opportunities. With Paula's guidance and help, I am now an artist with KoolKat Designs in Mt. Lebanon.

Paula's handiwork is like nothing I've ever seen before. Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted using the finest of materials, with color combinations and design elements that will absolutely drive you wild.

Born and raised in Southern California, Paula Nettleship has lived in the Pittsburgh area for more 20 years and working as a jewelry artist for 7 of those years. Under the designs2c label, her pieces are available online and at local craft shows as well as two retail locations, Koolkat Designs, Mt Lebanon, PA and Buds to Blooms, Deep Creek, MD. Her work was part of the 2010 & 2011-Three Rivers Arts Festivals as an artist affiliated with Koolkat, the 2010 & 2011 Southside Works Exposed and The Chautauqua Institute 2010 & 2011 Art in the Park. She is also a member of Steel Town Esty.

Paula loves the hunt for unique findings, quality semi-precious gemstones, spectacular pearls and unusual glass. Her favorite materials are freshwater pearls and Czech glass. Paula started her jewelry making with stringing and simple wire wrapping, and she continues to explore different bead weaving techniques and the possibilities of this medium. In 2012, Paula hopes to develop a new line of semi precious gemstone pieces on sterling and gold-filled wire. As always, she remains committed to creating well crafted, unique yet timeless pieces.

Paula likes the flexibility offered by self employment, which makes it easier for her to continue to coordinate the busy lives her husband (who works as a professor) and two teenage children. When not stitching with beads, Paula relaxes with needlepoint or a good book.

Make sure you visit Paula's Etsy store, like her Facebook page, email her with any questions, or visit her in person working at Koolkat every Friday.

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