Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fantastic 14: Day 9: Pure Hokum

pure hokum

I had the joy and good fortune to meet Kathleen Stevans at the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition-(NOCC) Pittsburgh Chapter's Annual Walk in September 2011. 
She was there walking in support of a friend.

Though our meeting was brief (that walk is CRAZY busy!), Kathleen followed up by ordering some more items from me, and we became fast friends. Imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that, aside from being an incredibly wonderful and kind person, Kathleen is also an amazingly talented artist.

Pure Hokum is set apart from the rest in that the large majority of pieces are custom order. Check out the Pure Hokum blog, and you'll see a photo gallery of some of the most beautiful hand-painted pieces you've ever seen. 

I have found that, when looking for a unique special gift, Pure Hokum is the place to go. 
Over the years, she has made some gorgeous gifts for me including:

A custom Lady Gaga inspired plate for my sister,
lady gaga, handpainted

A set of decorative plates in honor of my grandmother,
 (I feel I must include a disclosure here: my grandmother was not a whiskey drinker, or any other kind of drinker. Towards the end of her battle with ovarian cancer, I was visiting with her one day and she told me that she was feeling good because she had drank 4 glasses of whiskey the night before. After some panicked investigation, turns out she had had about 4 sips of red wine.)
hand painted gift, whiskey, red wine, plate

 Adorable little plates for a NOCC giveaway basket,
NOCC, hand painted, ovarian cancer, gift basket

and a gorgeous baby jar for my dear friends.
baby jar, baby gift, handmade baby gift, custom baby gift

Kathleen has talent unparalleled in her field of work. This past fall, Kathleen took Pure Hokum to New York for the Jane Austen Society convention, where she showed off a breathtaking collection of hand-painted items.

jane austen, hand painted

jane austen, paris, hand painted

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have someone like Kathleen in my life. She is one of those people who make you grateful to have friends. 

Please take a moment to visit the Pure Hokum blog, follow her on Facebook and Pinterest, check out her shop on Etsy, and make a note to contact Kathleen the next time you need a fantastic gift! 

Happy reading!

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