Monday, January 20, 2014

31 Days, 31 Questions About Weddings...Help Me Please! Day 20: The Day

Day 20 Question:

Have you ever been to a wedding on a Friday or a Sunday? 
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We are thinking of having a Sunday wedding simply because it saves some big bucks, and to be honest the date possibilities are much more open. What are your thoughts? Have you ever been to a non-Saturday wedding? How did the rehearsal work?


  1. Jewish weddings are never held on a Saturday before sundown so Sunday it is. Rehearsal is on Friday evening (before sundown) or Saturday (after sundown).

  2. You can have the rehearsal on Friday,or Thurs. There really is not to much to it anyway,everybody kind of already knows their part.A Sunday midmorning would be lovely.A brunch would be glorious,I have catered many a Sunday brunch for weddings. A crepe bar,or a waffle bar,mimosas,and it is not your average chicken dinner,with some new sauce.There is just something fresh and new about a Sunday wedding,a new beginning!


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