Monday, January 12, 2015

31 Days, 31 Ways to Bring Joy: Day 12: Help Someone

"Can I help you?"
Stop and think: how many times a day do we hear this phrase (or a version of it)?
If you have gone shopping recently, you almost certainly have.
If you have made a call to a customer service line, 
I would imagine you heard this at the beginning of the call.
how many times have YOU said it (outside of your job) recently?

I probably offer help more often than I should.
I carry things, open doors, and give opinions many times a day.
The resulting flash of joy is most often mutual.
I love knowing that I have helped someone, 
and I believe that "someone" feels joy in having been helped.
The next time you see someone struggling with a package, 
a stranger pondering choices in the grocery store, or
someone who looks a little bit lost, 
don't hesitate to offer up some help and
spread a bit of joy!

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