Sunday, January 18, 2015

31 Days, 31 Ways to Bring Joy: Day 18: Read those Mags

If you are anything like me, 
you have quite the collection of magazines stacked up somewhere in your home.
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Yes, blogs and websites and email newsletters are the way of the world, 
but nothing compares to a great glossy in your hand.
Each month they arrive, beckoning to your with their siren calls of
new recipes, fashion, skincare, and maybe even a little bit of "grown-folk" advice.
You have work, or school, or kids, or life, and the time passes by.
Before you know it, the next round of magazines shows up to join the pile.
Today, I invite you to take some time,
make a cup of whatever you brew, 
and read them!
It *should* bring a touch of joy into your day today.

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