Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4: juNxtaposition

Jeanne Cherry of  juNxtaposition is, to put it simply, the absolute best in her arena. Pittsburgh born and bred, Jeanne's art has evolved through many stages to bring her to where she is today. Chances are if you live in the Pittsburgh area and you have been to a major artist market or craft show, you have seen Jeanne and her amazing talents.
vintage dictionary bubble necklaces

junXtaposition is where you absolutely MUST go if you are looking for a fun, funky, affordable gift (or, if you're like me, a treat for yourself). Visit her booth at a show and you'll find an amazing display of typewriter key necklaces and bracelets,  tiny "bubble" necklaces featuring dictionary words and vintage sheet music, skeleton keys with the most adorable little trinkets, and much more. Each item is hand made, one of a kind, and uniquely perfect. The pieces you will find at juNxtaposition are addictively collectible in the way that one might seek out vintage kitchenware or couture clothing: you absolutely need more than one piece, the more you have clustered together, the better they look, and every time you wear one, you are bound to recieve a compliment.
typewriter key necklaces
While there are many gorgeous impressive items to choose from, Jeanne also offers the option of custom-creating a piece just for you. I purchased two juNxtaposition necklaces at I Made It! For the Holidays in December 2011 (one typewriter key, one bubble) and quickly realized there were two more bubble words I wanted. One email to Jeanne and I had them, custom-created and perfectly adorable, in my happy hands just a few days later. Want a bubble necklace with a word that might not be in the dictionary (i.e., a name, a "made-up" word, a special acronym...)? No problem! Jeanne can give you the look of a dictionary word in a sweet little bubble, making this the perfect gift for special friends and family. 

I have had the honor of getting to know Jeanne as a personal friend, and each I see her, I love her a little bit more. She exudes a cool confidence that is, at the very least, inspiring in a way that makes me want to run right out and do something fantastic and new. Jeanne has  developed her skill set and taken juNxtaposition to a level I dare to dream of, selling her wares all over the country (ok, all over the world) and sitting proudly at the top of the ranks of some of the greatest artists this nation has to offer. 

Here's the bottom line: juNxtaposition has something you need. Right now. I promise. Check it out online, follow on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to the blog to make sure you are up to date on the latest and greatest.

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  1. oh Lucy ! you are so very sweet !!! you know how much i value our new found friendship...i can see a long relationship here !!! thanks so much for the kudos !!


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