Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5: Leigh-Anne Weiss, Madison Handbags

I am so happy to say that, when I take a look at my relationship with Leigh-Anne Weiss, I can proudly say that she has been a dear friend to me for at least 15 years. Leigh-Anne is one of those people you meet whose energy is intoxicating, and you leave your encounter with the feeling of, "yes! I CAN take over the world!"
Leigh-Anne Weiss

I initially met Leigh-Anne when I was a student at Gateway Senior High School, where she served as the Community Service Director. Leigh-Anne was an inspiration to the entire community, and always had a very full schedule of students ready to volunteer, organize fundraisers, schedule events, put together awareness campaigns...and that really says a lot. She had the ability to inspire a group of kids ages 13 through 18 (and many, many others) to do things for free, on their own time, on an unimaginable scale, that most adults wouldn't do on a six-figure salary. Unfortunately for the Gateway community, Leigh Anne's position at the high school was eliminated due to budget cuts, so she did what was absolutely in character for her to do and started a business of her own. Today and every day since I've met her, I am inspired by every move she makes. I am not an overly-emotional person, but I can honestly say that it brings tears to my eyes when I think of all that she has accomplished, what she has overcome, and how she continues to soar in each and every aspect of her life.
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Leigh-Anne is excited about Madison Handbags because the bags are unique: her customers customize them. When she was a little girl, Leigh-Anne loved playing fashion designer, and that is what they do at the Madison parties! Her customers get to have a great time hanging out with their girlfriends and, unlike other home parties, get to be creative in putting together their own customized accessory that they can proudly show off. No one else is going to have that same exact bag! What attracted Leigh-Anne to Madison over other direct sales businesses was that they are not only American made but also custom-made...not mass produced! Fabric bags are cruelty-free, and Madison is very conscious about excess waste in making their products so as to be eco-friendly. Madison Handbags provides women with the opportunity to have their own businesses in both hosting the home design parties, but also by employing women to sew the bags in their factory (or even their own homes) under fair conditions which Leigh-Anne feels good about.
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When she first signed up for Madison, Leigh-Anne did plenty of research and found that Madison handbags are very affordable as compared to other designer bags. Sadly, she found too that many popular designers' and celebrity-endorsed products are made overseas, where laborers are not protected as they are here in the USA. Now more than ever, Leigh-Anne believes it is important to support local entrepreneurs and buy American made and handmade goods to stimulate our local economy and be more eco-minded.

Check out Leigh-Anne's Madison Handbags business online, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure to contact her ASAP to schedule YOUR party before dates are filled up!

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