Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flea Marketing!

Here we are, another week gone by, another Sunday to cherish. Again, I find myself preparing for a day of creating, beginning with my weekly trip to the local flea market.
Most Sundays I happily peruse the aisles of the flea market, peeking through piles of junk and pulling out what I would call treasure.
It's something I have come to crave: The Thrill of The Hunt. Many of us feel it; it's a primal lure that calls to us like a siren, begging that we come with our dollar bills and sift through the seas of castoffs and rescuing the beautiful and the brave.
I have a special love for these kinds of things; the old, the unwanted, the items destined for landfill. It is these things I seek out so that I can bring them home, clean them, re-work them, and turn them into new works of art that will once again be loved. These bits of broken history are, by my hand, given a new lease on life.
Those earrings, the ones that hardly anyone wears, are rescued.
Broken necklaces and brooches, once cast aside, are again brought into the limelight.
So friends, there it is. Another week gone by, another haul of treasures, another group of misfits to be cared for and loved again!
I'd love to hear your stories and see your treasured finds!


  1. I love all the vintage jewelry! Laid out like that photo it looks so interesting! Hugs, Linda

  2. Oooooo. Wonderful finds. I saw some there that I WOULD find. What do you make from the jewelry? Just curious! Would love to see. Susan

  3. Beautiful! I love vintage jewelry, buy it and wear it. It must be wonderful to make new treasures from it. Visiting from TTF. New follower too.

  4. Oh I just want to sit down on the floor and spread all these beauties out so i can look at each and every piece! I love vintage jewelry and am so glad you are saving these to be reused and loved again! Thank you for sharing at TTF.


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