Sunday, August 12, 2012


Summer is the season of love, and bel monili is a friend to the brides! This summer, I had the distinct honor of creating goodies for 5 beautiful brides and their respective bridal parties. This is truly a favorite for me; I LOVE the idea that one of my creations will have a place in someone's family history.
A bridal sash, custom created with satin ribbon, lace from a vintage bridal gown, and antique rhinestones and pearls

As you know, bel monili items are created using vintage materials, meaning that these beautiful bridal pieces are created using materials rich in history. Perhaps it was a brooch from the mother of a bride in the 1920s, the earrings of a blushing bride in the 1950s, or the necklace of a bridesmaid in any of these magical times.
Custom collage style necklaces featuring antique rhinestone components

bel monili bridal can make your dreams come true. I hand-craft items that are uniquely designed for each bride's specific needs, meaning that each special day is truly one of a kind right down to the last detail.

bel monili signature vintage component cluster bracelets, designed to compliment a wedding's theme colors

Gifts for bridesmaids will be cherished (and actually worn!) for years to come, giving the recipient of the special piece a reminder of that special day, and her friendship with the bride. Custom designs for the bride offer a unique compliment to her gorgeous gown, and each piece lives on as an heirloom quality work of art.

signature collage style necklace featuring antique rhinestone pieces

Brides, bridesmaids, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers...take notice and get your thinking caps on. bel monili will work with you to custom design the bridal accessories and gifts that will add the perfect touch of sentiment to your special day.

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