Friday, September 21, 2012

Country Living Fair Columbus 2012

One word: AMAZING.  I really can't say much more right now...still letting it soak in. Here's a peek at bel monili's booth:

bel monili's booth on Day 1

vintage rhinestone necklaces

bel monili's booth display

bel monili bracelets

bracelets and necklaces and keychains!

bel monili French enameled tags and upcycled vintage necklaces

bel monili bracelets and collage necklaces

lots of upcycled vintage goodness!

bel monili treasures

vintage miner's tag necklaces and collage belt buckles

bel monili signature bobby pins

fairy dust...sprinkle on some magic

leather cuff bracelets with vintage components

bel monili booth; flowers and upcycled vintage necklaces

we were SO thrilled to be there!


  1. Your booth is absolutely gorgeous! I love anyone who can make something pretty from vintage buttons (I also have a jar of my grandma's old buttons just waiting for a good project). And your displays are so pretty. I pinned a couple to my craft display board at

    I hope you had a great show, and thanks for sharing these photos!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I got started with my grandma's tin of's amazing what little creative minds can think up! I appreciate all of the compliments and re-pins!


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