Thursday, January 16, 2014

31 Days, 31 Questions About Weddings...Help Me Please! Day 16: Ranking

Day 16 Question:

OK, so this one is more of a survey. Of all of the elements of your wedding (actual marriage to the love of your live excluded), what was the most important feature to you, and why? Photography? Venue? Food? Date?

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  1. family and friends that attended; I thought photography was important, but it is SO expensive, and I wish we had gone a less expensive route on that. Sure for a few years we (I) looked at photos on our anniversary...but that was it. I'm glad I have them, but could have done with less expensive ones!!

  2. Photography. You will look at those pictures for a lifetime. 27 years later, I still pull mine out to remember how much fun we have had.

  3. I love good food and that was very important to me. I have never eaten or liked meat and married Mr. Meat and Potatoes so it was difficult to come up with something everyone would like. Ended up with a Champagne brunch and it was perfect - Tons of finger foods and appetizers too.

  4. Photos,photos,You will never remember how the food tasted (unless it was horrible)but to see pics of family and friends,that is awesome,

  5. A good night sleep the night before so you can really be there on the day, and photos of everything you can think of but mostly every lovely person there! 26 years later my photos are fabulous and the video!!
    Enjoy it the disasters are the things you will laugh about after!


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