Friday, January 17, 2014

31 Days, 31 Questions About Weddings...Help Me Please! Day 17: Getting Along

Day 17 Question:

We are OVERWHELMED! Just looking for a venue has proven to be very stress and anxiety inducing for us, which leads to us not getting along. We HATE not getting along! Can you give me some low cost suggestions for what we can do to take a quick breather from all of this?


  1. Have your reception at a museum,a library,a barn,Make a deal not to talk about this for two weeks,or two weekends.Relax,it's all going to come together,and if there is boo boo's along the way,just let them be. As long as you've got your dress,and he has his clothes,and the rings,and each others love,the rest is going to be okay!

  2. All I can say is just don't let it be all consuming. Take a few hours in an afternoon and discuss what you need to decide on and some of the possibilities. And then decide when you will get together again to make the final choice. And remember this is about the rest of your lives, not just one day.

    The most "beautiful" wedding I ever attended was in the middle of the woods. The benches were straw bales with quilts to cover them. What made it beautiful was that this couple were outdoor people and that is what they loved.


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