Sunday, January 5, 2014

31 Days, 31 Questions About Weddings...Help Me Please! Day 5: Programs

Day 5 Question:

Do we have to have "programs", or can we just go with a cute sign?

Programs are adorable (especially the ones I found from Rustic Wedding Chic on Pinterest. They look cute, they tell people what's going on, and they let guests know "who's who" in the wedding.
 I suppose at this point it's becoming clear that I am doing my very very best to have this gorgeous special day on a budget...just like everyone else. I also don't like waste, and just like the cut flowers, I kind of feel like the programs are a pretty big waste of paper that will ultimately get tossed.
Is it acceptable for me to simply paint a sign, or is there some kind of really cool program alternative I don't know about yet?

You all have been sharing some amazing ideas so far...I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your input and advice!!!


  1. Sign is sufficient, don't waste your own or the earth's resources!

  2. Nice to meet you. thanks for joining my Social Network Party. I am your newest follower (via GFC). I hope you are having fun meeting new bloggers!

  3. Don't do individual programs did my niece's years ago had over $200 in ink and paper A sign would be nice do it with something of interest to both of you

  4. I like the sign too. Individual programs seem to be an unnecessary expense.

  5. One thing I like about a program is the opportunity to write a simple thank you to your guests and to provide your new address, if that is applicable. That could still be done on a much smaller card with the "order of service" info on a sign.

  6. When my oldest sister got married over 40 years ago, even though it was expected to have a program, she just did not want the rustling of papers during the ceremony. I got married 31 years ago and wanted a program. (I am still a big fan of the written page and a font geek, so I always design one for my music recitals.) But assuming guests will have a phone camera with them, maybe they could photograph the program sign before they are seated to follow along with during the ceremony.

  7. I love both ideas. The sign is so... so you. So vintage and cute. We did do programs for ours. They doubled as fans for our outside (HOT as HELL) wedding on July 4th. I designed them myself - double sided and glued to a huge popsicle stick. Worked like a charm. Some people like them because they break out bridal party so you know who is who on the opposite side. Some keep them as keepsakes. I have every program to every wedding I've been to - keep it with their invite and a picture of the couple.

    1. Ours if you're interested.


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