Monday, January 6, 2014

31 Days, 31 Questions About Weddings...Help Me Please! Day 6: Registry

Day 6 Question:

If we have most of the "household" things that we need, can we register for something like home improvement store gift cards?
So, I am 33 and Erik is 37. We have each lived on our own for several years and thus both have the large majority of things we need to run our households. Looking down the road to the wedding registry...what we really need is to remodel and furnish our (well, his until I move in) home. Flooring, paint, maybe a new appliance or two, furniture, etc. That's what we REALLY need.

 Is it acceptable for us to "register" for those kinds of things?


  1. Absolutely! Your building your life together and your family friends get to help you guys to such.

  2. Sure. Then when you send thank you notes tell them card their card "bought". (For example: Thankuou for helping put a new railing on our deck. Or, Thank you for the new kithen lihht fixtures we were anle to instsll.) One note, we dif have a few folks unhappy that if/when we moved we wouldnt be able to take our "gifts" with us. you might also want to consider offering a charity for make donations to if you all don't need anything.

  3. You bet you can most people appreciate knowing they are getting something you need and can use

  4. I say why not? The point of wedding gifts - and therefore registries - is to give you what you really need to set up your household. Or, in some cases, like china or crystal, what you might love and use, but not be willing or able to get it for yourself.
    Sharon does have a point, though, If you know you plan to move in the next few years, you might want to keep that in mind.
    But when my husband was ill with cancer and my children were small, we were deliberately given gifts of materials and repairs for the house in case I was forced to sell. In the long run, making those improvements raises the value of your house if/when you do sell, so you will take the value of the gift with you -- plus all the years you enjoy it while you live there.

  5. Personally, I'd rather have home improvement gift cards...

  6. You can register for anything. Yes, definitely home improvement items you know you want and cards for those you don't. It's up to your wedding party to get the word out for gift ideas. But, seriously, register for lots of towels... old ladies love to buy towels. No doubt.... then just return them for what you really want. I know this sounds mean, but for mine I returned all the various gifts of towels and got a Dyson - which no one person would be willing to buy alone. Weddings aren't about receiving gifts, for sure, but if people are going to give you something, you might as well like it and use it!


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