Tuesday, January 7, 2014

31 Days, 31 Questions About Weddings...Help Me Please! Day 7: The Cake

Day 7 Question:

Can we have cupcakes instead of a cake? If we do, is there some kind of mini cake we can cut for ceremonial cake-cutting purposes?

This is another one of those traditional wedding "things" that I'd like to alter (hmm...are we noticing a theme here with this wedding??). I do love the whole beautiful cake idea, and I definitely want to have the picture of the moment where we cut the cake together, but I was never really in love with the wedding cake part of the night. I don't know why...it just doesn't really appeal to me. Once the cake it cut, it's no longer this gorgeous creation that is a traditional symbol of wedding celebration. I think it would be perfectly adorable to have beautiful little cupcakes to share, kind of a teeny cake for each guest. Thoughts?
Just another idea...I LOVE these!
We're looking at about 200 guests, so if anyone has any suggestions for bakers within reasonable ordering/delivering area of Pittsburgh, please share in the comments!!


  1. i love the idea of cupcakes.... the can make a cake that is cardboard covered with icing ..with just one section as actual cake...so you can cut .... then serve cupcakes

  2. I'd go with the cupcakes! Love them! So pretty and trendy! Cupcakes r the new thing!

  3. Yes you can order just the top layer of cake (so you two can have the photos) -- Would consider putting it on a pretty cake pedestal ... You could even put the "cake topper couple" on top .... or just a pretty floral decoration. (I ordered just the top layer as my gift for a couple who had a civil wedding on 11/12/13 ). Those cupcakes are AWESOME looking !!! (I'm guessing the person who makes the cupcakes would be willing make the cake layer too). OR, How about the cake layer on top of a cup cake stand for pics ... of course, they'd have to lower the top layer for you to cut.

  4. Love the cupcakes! The top layer cake is a great idea. Just cut it for photos but feed each other with the cupcakes. That way the cake top is still whole if you want to freeze it for your first anniversary. My witch of a MIL threw my cake top away without even telling me until I asked for it on the anniversary.

  5. I've been to two weddings where the "cake" was cupcakes on a tiered rack, and on the top rack was a small cake for the ceremonial cutting. It was very cute -- both times!

  6. I've been to several that have had a fake cake with a top layer to cut only. That being said, know who makes really tasty cupcakes? Costco. Yup. Order a fake cake for cutting and then cupcakes is a great way to go...


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