Wednesday, January 8, 2014

31 Days, 31 Questions About Weddings...Help Me Please! Day 8: The Cookie Table

Day 8 Question:

Do we have to have a cookie table?

Well, I suppose I should back that up a step: is the cookie table a Pittsburgh thing, or does this occur at weddings in other places? Of course I know that we aren't required to have one, I'm just asking more for "will it be expected" purposes.
Don't get me wrong: I love cookies. Probably a little bit too much. The cookie table has lots of appeal: the guests seem to love it, extra treats, wide variety, and something yummy to take home. I just don't know if we want to go to all of the expense and trouble to get all of those cookies made, them displayed, then wrapped, then ultimately thrown away when they don't all get taken or eaten. Thoughts??


  1. In our family we did a cookie table. All the aunts and great aunts made one particular type of cookie that was their "specialty".

  2. Ive seen them done in Ohio. It`s nice when you ask both extended families if they can make a certain cookie. Then you have a lot of variety and most people like to bake!

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  4. But to answer your question. No, I dont think they are expected. But, It is a nice showcase and people sure love them.

  5. Lady you live in Pittsburgh, you MUST have a cookie table to make your wedding a success with the "old" ladies. Just sayin'.

  6. Also, have them include the recipe for their cookie, just for you ! love the idea :) I'd bake some, even with no invitation and I bet most of your fans would love to contribute a dozen or two or three lololol


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