Wednesday, January 16, 2013

31 Days, 31 Reasons to be Thankful: January 16: The Telephone

This one I can link directly to my grandmother. She LOOOVED to talk...we always joked that she liked to have a phone in every room of the house.

The telephone itself isn't really what I am thankful for, I suppose; rather, it's the opportunity presented by it. No matter where in the world I am, I can punch in a series of numbers and speak to anyone. In fact, now I can actually punch in a few numbers and have a face-to-face conversation...but that's for a different post.

Last night was a not-so-fantastic night for me. No particular reason...just a series of irritants that seemed to happen all at the same time. No biggie, because when I really thought about it, that doesn't happen to me very often so I really can't complain. Lets just say it was an "Eat, Pray, Love" kind of night.

Not to worry, though, because my best friend was a mere phone call away. Shortly into the conversation (which, by the way, is a daily event), my irritation had melted away and I was right back to being centered and happy.

Aah, the miracles of modern communication.

Is your telephone an important part of your day?

"The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer them a drink.-Fran Lebowitz


  1. good post...can you imagine if we couldnt TALK to each other until we got together physically !!! OMG !! perish the thought !

  2. Hang in there and be glad it doesn't happen to you often. I struggle all winter with being in a funk! Talk to you soon.


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